Final Piece: Creative video planning

Analysis and research


Reply to @elliedaisy30 here’s one way you can add a zip to a seam💗 @tiktok_uk #LearnOnTikTok #sewingtutorial #sewing #upcycle

♬ NOTHING – Westover

I think this video is pretty good, the instructions are clear and the video covers all of the steps in a short amount of time. I think they could have spaced out the instructions more in the video as towards the end they move through the steps quite quickly. I also think the video could be shot from one or two consistent angles as every shot is from a different angle.

This video is from one of my favourite you tubers, BestDressed. Her videos are filmed so well and her style is really cute. I love how she explains the outfits and variations that you could do. The background music is also not too loud or complicated so it doesn’t interfere with you listening to her talking. I also like how she lists where all of the pieces from the outfits are from at the side.


Reply to @giisg_ Cher-inspired Clueless fits!! TY FOR 55K 🥺🤍 #fyp #styletips #tiktokfashion #tiktokph #clueless

♬ original sound – anastazia’s edits💓

This video is very simply filmed, and I think that it is a good idea to get the look of a well-filmed video when you don’t have much experience with filming. I like that the music matches the outfits she is putting on, and the outfits themselves are well matched to the theme of clueless. I think she could have filmed the outfits with a better background, as the view of the doors isn’t that visually appealing, although she may not have had another suitable place to film.

My video

I want to film my video on a tripod to get a consistent angle when filming and give it a more professional look. If I was to film the process, I would take short clips of my desk from my tripod working on my final piece, or I could do one big time-lapse of one of the processes that goes into the dress. If I was to film the result of my final piece I would do a video posing like the second two videos.

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