Final Piece: Megan Fatharly (@printcessmeg)

Fatharly was born in Edinburgh and grew up by the coast. She utilises traditional techniques and manipulates different surfaces to play with texture and layering, with collage, drawing and embossing being the main techniques she focuses on. Scale is an important aspect of her work, with many of her pieces measuring just 2 cm in size. She is inspired by the mundane intricacies of interiors, hidden spaces and elevating forgotten memories. Collages are created using gouache and hand made papers. When embossing, she experiments with new ways of creating a narrative through the manipulation of surface. Fatharly mostly embosses paper, but I love her embossing of metal. The way she uses expressive lines to add texture and detail to her pieces is effective and adds character to the animals she draws onto the metal. I want to use the embossing of metal in my final piece as I want to include constellations in part of my dress, and I think embossed metal attached to my piece would be effective.


  • Embossing metal- The edges of the metal sheets can be sharp so I was careful to keep my hands from them when I was embossing.

This was the first time I had tried to emboss metal, so I experimented on one sheet with what lines I could make with the tools and how pressing down into different sides made different indents. The metal sheet had two sides, silver and copper. When I drew onto the silver side, it made raised indents on the copper side, which is the side I wanted to use. When I drew on to the copper side it did the opposite, and I think that using both indents together looks quite nice. I also found that if I embossed directly on a hard surface, it was hard to emboss the metal and the tools scratched the metal instead of carving into it. I to solve this, I placed a piece of felt under the metal sheet so the metal had something to indent into and that worked well. I embossed some stars and constellations with Ancient Greek origin onto the metal, and I think it looks really nice. I like how the metal warps and reflects the light in different ways once you have embossed it.

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