Virtual Chaos Inspired Drawings

I really enjoyed creating the layers for this task and thinking about how each of the layers will build up, making sure to mix more detailed intricate shapes with bold and graphic lines. I kept my colours simple and only used four colours that were similar tonally or complimented each other. I was disappointed I couldn’t see all of my designs once I placed all my layers on top of each other, as it didn’t give the same full and layered effect as Bellorin’s work. I think the best outcome is when there is only two layers, so you can clearly see all the details. I also held the tracing paper layers up to the window to see if that would help, and I think that it helped more of the details visible. To improve I think I could make some layers extremely detailed to get a similar effect to Bellorin.

Diego Bellorin

Caos Canvas Print by Diego Bellorin A.k.a EMPK | Society6
Virtual chaos by Diego Bellorin -

Bellorin is an art director and freelance graphic designer who is originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela. He is currently based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and his work is very influenced by architecture, mathematics and geometry. You can see the geometric and architectural influence in his designs, with the clean and precise lines, that look like the beginnings of a structure, and the bold graphic shapes that break them up. I love the playful feel all his work has, and the layers that he builds up in his work. The more you look, the more layers and lines you can see.

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