Independent Experimentation

For my independent experimentation, I decided to focus on stars, specifically the life cycle of a star. I decided to do 4 phases from the life cycle of an average star. I experimented with stitch, painting and Suffolk puffs to emulate each of the stages I had chosen. I used paint for the stellar nebula, as it was the most complex form. I appliqued a yellow circle and embroidered into it for the star phase, and painted then machine stitched into the fabric to depict the red giant. Lastly I created two Suffolk puffs and stitched one on top of the other to created the last part of a stars life – a white dwarf. If I had more time to develop my samples, I would add more embroidery to all of them to add texture, and I could have put all of these samples onto the same piece of fabric to really show the life cycle.

Star Life Cycle

Life Cycle of a Star | Astronomy - Quizizz

I was inspired by pieces from both the Dior 2017 autumn ready to wear and the Valentino 2015 pre-fall collections.

I really loved the phases of the moon embroidered onto the Dior dress below, as it looks so delicate and light when paired with the mesh like fabric it is embroidered onto. This dress made me think about other cycles in space and the cycles of the stars.The Valentino outfit below is very different to the Dior dress, it is much more graphic and bold and has a much more vibrant design of planets and galaxies on the skirt and a more muted version on the jumper. Both designers have chosen to use sheer fabric for their skirts, and I think that helps juxtapose the large size of the subject media.


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