Chaotic Fashion Collages

At first I was unsure of what to do, as I struggle with going completely abstract with work when needed. I decided to try and make new outfits from the fashion drawings and cut out areas of pattern or pieces of clothing from the real outfits I created. I think some are more successful then others, with the bad ones looking like I have just stuck some random shapes onto the page, and the successful ones look more coherent and playful.

Maren Esdar-

Maren Esdar Illustration - Fashion, Collage, Commercial, Beauty | Fashion  illustration, Fashion portraiture, Surrealism fashion
Maren Esdar

Esdar is an illustrator born in Germany, but she is more well known for her surreal mixed-media collages. She combines the classical technique of cutting and pasting images and digital rendering into her illustrations. Esdar studied History of Arts and Fashion Design and Illustration and has been doing illustrations for Vogue Germany, currently based in Hamburg. She considers art to be a way of communication, involving both the conscious and unconscious mind and that it also helps to express moods and atmospheres, targeting the viewer’s emotional system directly, before being analysed by reason. I really love how she uses one thing to make up an outfit or abstract design, such as denim or moths.

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