Water Distortion Photography

For the first few photos I used objects similar to Saroff’s, fruit and other objects photographed through glass cups. I found it very interesting to see how the water changed and warped the objects, and moved the positions of parts of the objects, for example the two sides of  the kettle I photographed switched over. I think these first few pictures could be more interesting if I had a wider variety of glasses, as they would add more interest and create different warped effects. For the second round of photos I used a bigger plastic jug and took photos of myself and a Buddha. I found that the jug tripled whatever object was behind it which created a really nice effect, especially with faces.

Suzanne Saroff-

Saroff is a NYC-based photographer and art director. Using water-filled vessels in a variety of shapes and sizes, Saroff’s photographs seem to distort reality. Through glass cups, the objects she uses are warped, their positions changed. Suzanne uses refraction, bold colours and directional light to achieve such results. The alternating of size, shape and position of the water-filled vessels adds to the different warping of the objects.

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