Spliced fashion collages

I chose to do most of my ‘spliced’ images digitally as I started trying to find images from magazines and it was easier to source and crop the imagery I wanted online. I tried to choose very different dresses for the chaotic side to look at the many possibilities when creating a chaotic dress . I think this task was very useful, as it helped me visualise the types of silhouette I could use in my final piece. It was difficult to source the imagery for this as not all models are photographed face on and some of the images I wanted to splice had different proportions. I wanted the images to mostly match up as it makes it easier form me to visualise what the actual dress may look like on a model. For one of my collages I used part of my kinetic drawings to create a chaotic silhouette on one side, and a more ordered outfit I found in a magazine in the other side.

Evelin Kägo- ‘Colour Perception’ fashion collection

Fashionable Chromotherapy: Evelin Kägo's "Color Perception ...
Watch Your Back, Parsons Grads. The Swedish School of ...

“[The]Key for my collection is the relationship between knitted and printed textile layers in garments as well as the exploration of how colours influence each other,”

Kägo is a fashion designer who graduated from The Swedish School of Textiles. This collection is the winner of the Lindex award for upcoming designers. The collection is I like how each garment looks like it has just been wrapped around the model. The garments have been made from a knitted fabric with great shape holding properties that Kago developed and programmed so that she could create an illusion/animation effect between the layers. Kägo’s work relates to the theme of chaos, as the clashing colours and multiple striped layers are disorderly and jarring to the eye.

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