Plain seams: Plain seams can be used in lined garments as they have raw edges that need to be concealed so they don’t fray or ruin the finish of the piece.

Rolled seam: rolled seams can be used to finish visible edges such as the edge of a curtain.

Over locked seams: Over locked seams are used in the insides of most garments, as they stop the edges of the plain seam from fraying and give the inside of the garment a neater finish.

French seam: French seams can be used to finish a garment really nicely. They can also be used in bags to give an aesthetically pleasing finish to the inside.

Piped seam: these seams can be used to add a pop of colour or pattern to the edge of a garment or interior piece such as a cushion.I found most seams easy to do as I have used them previously on my own projects, such as plain, rolled and French seams.

The over-locker was new to me and the speed of it was scary at first, but once I got used to it I found it easier to control. Piped seams were new as well, and i think it would look really nice on the edge of a cushion.

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