Pop-up Constellations

For my pop-up constellation I decided to focus on star maps and certain constellations, such as Draco and Hercules. For the outside, I made a simple pattern inspired by Picasso’s star drawings in black white and gold, and I added a more precise element inspired by Mcnally, copying some of the star signs exactly rather than abstractly drawing lines between dots. For the inside, I used a star map which I had copied some of the constellations from on one side, and poked holes where my string would go through the points of stars. On the other side I stuck a map of the body depicting celestial medicine. I put the string going through the different star signs on the body, showing how the stars effect our bodies, how we act, and think. To push my piece further I could use wire instead of string and extend the lines outside of the piece, as the wire would hold its shape. I could also add small star-like pieces of paper onto the string itself to draw the eye in and add more of a 3D element.

Pablo Picasso-

The Constellations drawings are a series of sketches by Pablo Picasso drawn on sixteen pages of a notebook in 1924. For these small drawings in black pen and ink, Picasso took inspiration from sky charts and aimed at an artistic exploration of the limit between abstraction and figuration. Black dots are connected by thin lines to produce different kinds of figures, some geometrically controlled and others more leaning toward a free composition. The simplicity of the drawings, and the violin shape most of them have makes them feel fun and playful.

Constructing Abstraction. Pablo Picasso's Constellation Drawings (1924) –  SOCKS

Emma Mcnally-

Mcnally is an artist who lives and and works in London. Her intricate Her drawings are often associated with mappings of geological formations and constellations. They appear to be the result of scientific readings yet they have been made intuitively. The fact that these drawings have come from Mcnally’s head is amazing, they are so detailed and precise the look as though they must have been copied from some sort of chart.

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