Light Painting

I found light painting fun, and the outcomes look really cool and effective. The actual process was more random than I thought it would be as you don’t know what the shapes you are drawing with the lights will turn out like. I like that the light pens have a more smokey effect and when I used my phone torch it had a much more clearer precise line. I experimented with using just the light pens on their own and using a light pen and my phone torch. I think that using only light pens is better for a more patterned drawn picture, and a mix with the phone torch is better for a more mixed, abstract effect.

Jeremy Jackson-

Jackson is a Virginia-based teacher. His light painting photographs are fun and bright. Jackson is well known for creating the “Fire and Light Masks” pictured above. He has only been light painting since 2007 but in that time he has created more images than light painters that have been shooting twice as long. He has already created more than 150 of his “Fire and Light Masks” along with hundreds of other images. He shoots on 35mm film as well as digital. Jackson explains light painting like this, “The world is your canvas. Anything you can imagine can be painted a million different ways, time and space take on new meaning”.  I love the variation of light painting techniques he has used in one piece, as it looks like he has digitally edited and enhanced the photo. I also like how he has used the the reflection from the water to his advantage, making these face-like compositions.

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