Kinetic Drawing

I found drawing to the music easy and fun to do, listening to the different sounds and moods in different sections, and trying to convey that with my drawing. My pieces are much more chaotic than Hansen’s, as I am following music, which is more erratic than the motion of her movements. Each of my drawings are very different from each other, showing the different genres and moods of each piece of music. My first piece was classical, and the drawing I created has a nice mix of hard and soft lines as the music changes tempo and mood. My next two pieces, which were rock and pop are very different to each other, rock being more harsh and scribbled, in tone with the more harsh guitar chords in the song I was listening to, whereas my pop drawing has more rounded shapes and a calmer feel in response to the more playful and fun piano chords in the music. I did one more piece on a much larger scale and I found it was much easier to convey the sweeping lines and shapes I was feeling when listening to the song I had chosen, which I would describe as jazz fusion. This is my favourite piece, as I really enjoyed the song I was listening to, and I think that comes across in the piece. To further the pieces I think I could machine stitch into some of the smaller drawings to highlight some of the more interesting lines and shapes in the piece and to draw the eye in.

Heather Hansen-

Hansen is a contemporary performance artist and dancer based in New Orleans. She captures her dance moves on paper using charcoal on on large pieces of paper. For the performance part on this work, she allows people to come and watch her dance on the paper. Hansen says her work is “an experiment in kinetic drawing.In this series, I am searching for ways to download my movement directly onto paper, emptying gestures from one form to another and creating something new in the process.” I love how fluid her pieces turn out, a reflection of her dance moves. She also keeps the piece simple, only using black and white, which allows you to focus on the different lines she has created. Her pieces relate to the theme of Order & Chaos, as the way she moves and the lines she creates are symmetrical and follow a pattern, whereas her methods are messy and chaotic, at the end of the performance she is covered in charcoal.

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