Fashion Rough Designs

I really enjoyed creating these rough designs, and I loved how I could just sketch what ever came into my head. I can really see the improvement in the fluidity and strength of my designs as I became more confident. My first page of designs are very soft and lightly done, and my last full page feels really strong and dynamic. I found it difficult to think of 20 fashion ideas, as I only had 4 outfits to base my work on. These designs really helped me think about how to use clothes in different and unique ways, layering skirts with trousers or using trousers as a top.

Martin Tremblay

Fashion Photography by Martin Tremblay & Caroline ...
Fashion Photography by Martin Tremblay & Caroline ...

Tremblay, also known as PINCH, is a Canadian photographer. Tremblay’s work has been recognised all over the world and published in prestigious international magazines such as Zink New York and Schön! London.  His list of awards includes the Lux Grand Prize in 2015 for photography and for fashion in 2015, a Mirrors award for fashion and a Lux award for portrait, among many others. He even has a Juno Award for best album cover.  Tremblay is constantly exploring with new styles, taking on bigger challenges and making bolder choices to push the boundaries of his oeuvre and of the trade. He understands that the delight is in the details and focuses precisely on the minutia, whether technical, artistic or conceptual, that will take a photograph from great to monumental. I really like how Tremblay uses really dynamic hair and make-up to compliment the background and outfit graphics. I also love that he uses the hair to add a pop of colour to the photo.

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