Pendulum Painting

Making the pendulum at home was difficult as I didn’t really have the materials or space to do it. I eventually came up with using my camera tripod as the stand and a plastic bottle with a hole in it tied up with string to create the pendulum effect with the paint. This worked pretty well, although it was very messy and my tripod got covered in paint. I found it hard to get the right consistency of paint to create a straight continuous line, and as you can see from the photos, some of my attempts were too watery, and some of them were too thick. When the paint was too thick it came out in in dots instead of a straight line, which actually created quite a cool effect. I used left-over house paint as it was not as thick as the acrylics I had and as it was water based it was easy to thin it by adding water to get the right consistency. I made two big pieces, one made up of A3 pieces of coloured card, and the other just one big piece of white paper, to see what the paint would look like on different backgrounds. I really like the way the green paint looks against the blue background, it looks like a constellation. I think the big piece looks like a group of stars or planets, almost like a solar system. I think the colours contrast with this idea as they are tonally quite earthy, instead of blue, red and yellow, the colours I normally associate with stars and planets.

Sacred geometry-

Scared geometry attributes a symbolic and sacred meaning to certain geometric shapes and certain geometric proportions. It is associated with the belief that a god is the geometer of the world. Many religious structures use sacred geometry, such as churches temples and mosques. This geometry can also be seen in plants and in the pendulum paintings I attempted to create today. If I had a more professional pendulum set up, then the shapes created with the paint would look similar to the scared shapes pictured.

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